Sunday, January 27, 2019

Things Aren’t Always How They Appear

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Things aren’t always  how they appear. Have  you noticed this to be true in your own life? I certainly have. My Dad would remind us seven children to speak softly and not be so quick to pass judgment because we don’t know the whole story. My Dad is a smart guy. 
Dad’s instruction is not easy to follow. It doesn’t come naturally but must be learned. When we hear some unexpected news, or encounter a difficult situation our minds automatically want to divide, subdivide, take sides and make a judgment call. But how many times have we continued the walk only to find out that we really didn’t have all the facts and indeed misjudged a person or situation. Quite humbling for sure.
Today’s Gospel reveals to us some important lessons. The Wedding Feast at Cana begins Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus was 30 years old. Although he is God, it took Mary that long to prepare Him for His mission. He too it seems had to learn to see with His heart. When he was ready, she told Him it was time. At first, He didn’t seem to get it. But then He moved. 
How embarrassing for the host family. Running out of wine? Unheard of and a disgrace. But things aren’t always as they appear when Jesus is around. He transformed this tragic situation into one of joy. Not only were those jars now filled with wine, they were filled with the best wine. Unheard of that the best would be saved for last! For the next three years, He would continue this revolution.
Mary is our universal Mother who teaches us to see with our hearts. Jesus continues to flip things around all the time. He makes what seems to be the worst into the best. Thank you, Mary and Jesus. You are invited to all our parties!